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    RP, Kaiju Drops and Milling

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    RP, Kaiju Drops and Milling

    Post by Konata on Thu Mar 31, 2011 4:26 pm

    I have a few suggestions which if they are okay, we can start using them Smile

    First thing, since the village isn't getting enough ryo.I say for every 11+ contracts submitted or milled, I will personally give out 10 Tacos to that person.

    Second thing RP. I think we should set a better value for the resources that are gained from milling eg. 15 from basic and 40 for advanced. That way if you milled one of each of these, you would have enough RP to do BillyCon that week. And I will be happy to take care of the RP list plus distributing them.

    Lastly, Kaiju drops. I think we should start a clean thread for them as many people from the orignal thread are unfortunatly no longer in the village. And like the RP, I would be happy to take care of the list as well.


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